8 Things You Need to Know about Transitioning from High School to University and College in Waterloo

transitioning from high school to university waterlooBy the time the end of high school approaches, you may realize that it is kind of like a safe zone for you. Transitioning from high school to university can be a huge change in your life and a big adjustment.

Here are some tips for high school students who will soon be transitioning into university or college:

1) Self-Reliance

Whether you are living at home for university/college or are moving away, you will realize that you must be independent and self-reliant. Professors will not be on your back for you to get your work done by the due date. It is up to you to follow your syllabus and stay organized. It is up to you to get your work done and hand it in on time.

2) Syllabus

In university and college, you are often given a syllabus for each of your classes. The syllabus will explain the outline of the course for the whole semester. It will tell you all the reading requirements for the semester, all the assignments and tests, and how much each is weighted towards your final grade. It is up to you to use this as your planner for the course to stay on top of everything.

3) Reading

A lot of the work in your post-secondary education is done independently, so get ready for a whole lot of reading. You must find time during your day to sit and read the course material assigned to you. It’s best to go through the assigned reading before every class to better understand the upcoming lecture.

4) Moving Away

You no longer have your parents to do your dishes, cleaning and cooking. Now, this will all be up to you! Practice makes perfect and your parents will likely be more than happy to show you how to do them.

Check out some of our recent blogs in the 3 Top Challenges series might help:

5) School Hours/Time Management

Unlike high school, you might not necessarily have a rigid Monday to Friday schedule. You may only have class four times a week. You may have late night classes that go until 10:00 p.m. You may have long periods of time in between classes.

Make sure you stay organized. Have a planner or agenda and write out your schedule. Use the periods you have in between class to do your work and get your readings done.

Make sure to prioritize specific things according to when things must get done. University and college offer you many opportunities to get involved, but try not to take on more than you can handle to the point where your grades suffer. We published a great blog recently on this very topic: Time Management Tips for University and College Students.

6) Extra-Curricular Activities

University and college offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities such as sports teams, clubs and associations. They are not only are a lot of fun, but a great opportunity to meet new people and they also look good on a resume. Think about joining something that will benefit you in the future. For example, if you want to work in a laboratory in the future, think about joining a science club. Read the recent blog, Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, which gives some great tips on managing stress.

7) On-Campus vs Off-Campus accommodation

On-campus Off-campus
Convenience Short distance to classes, libraries, labs, gym Some off-campus location offers close distance that are practically on-campus distance – such as Blair House
Social Life Many people to meet – lots of social life – little privacy. Grades may suffer Tenants make their own social calendar. And at Rez-One, each bedroom comes with private en-suite bathroom and many options for quiet space.
Price Includes rent + utilities + internet and meals Rent + utilities + internet. Check if Hydro is included.
Space restrictions Typically small space Typically larger and flexible space.
Independence Many dormitory rules to obey Independent living and common sense
Transportation Walk everywhere. Walk or bus. Only at Rez-One, Student Car Share program at each property.
Isolation Not possible at dormitory Join clubs, associations or sports activities offered at school or community.

8) Stay in touch with Family and Friends from Home

Don’t lose touch with the people at home. They care about you and want the best for you. If you are ever feeling homesick, call home for a little boost. They can also help you if you are struggling with your new situation away at school. So, make sure to reach out to them to help make your time away at university/college easier.

Being Prepared for You New Life at University/College

With these tips, hopefully you feel a little better prepared for university/college life. Your living environment will also play a huge role in how you manage while away at school. Rez-One offers a great environment for new Waterloo students. We have on-site staff and a great community of student who are very welcoming and helpful to newcomers. With an on-site gym, study room, and spacious lobby with a pool table and an air hockey table, new students will find a great opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.

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