I refused to write the testimonials for 328 Regina at first because you can’t ask me to write one just because you need it. First I have to actually live here because I don’t want to add fancy pictures after I write “The building is very high-end: en-suited bathroom, big TV, etc.”, which just feels […]

Really awesome location for an awesome price! Beautifully furnished apartments too. With inclusive laundry, study and lounge areas, its the complete student package. Huge recommend.

My favourite thing about this place is the people! Everyone is friendly and helpful. Every room has it’s on en-suite bathroom and there are floor to ceiling windows in each room. If you are an introvert,you can lock yourself in your room, and if you’re more open you can head to the lobby and play […]

我觉得单独卫生间很重要, 卫生,而且这样早起上课就不用和室友抢了。 I always believe en-suited washroom is really important, good for personal hygiene and so you don’t have to rush in the morning when sharing one with others.

吃饭很方便, 有食德喜、琼天、家家乐等中餐还有学生喜欢的麦当劳, Wendy’s, Popeye, Swiss Chalet, Morty’s等西餐。 Convenient location to get food, close to not only some good Chinese restaurants but also fast foods for students like McDonald, Wendy’s, Popeye, Swiss Chalet and Morty’s.